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Take a 3D satellite flyover of the Sochi Olympics

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia are spread out across seaside and ski resorts near the Black Sea. Take a two-minute tour of all the facilities from above.

A 3D satellite rendering of the Caucasus mountains above Sochi. Video screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

Having trouble figuring out what's where at the Sochi Winter Olympics? The scale of the games in Russia this year is particularly huge, and with reports that people on the ground in Sochi are even having trouble finding the doorknobs to their hotel rooms, it's easy to get lost while trying to follow along.

While the main indoor events are taking place in the town of Sochi itself on the Black Sea, the mountain sports competitions are actually held in the Caucasus Mountains nearby.

Setting up all the far-flung facilities for the Olympics cost a whopping $50 billion from sea to ski jump.

To help keep you oriented as you follow the games online these next few weeks, I came across this virtual flyover of all that costly infrastructure, created using 3D satellite imagery from a pair of high-resolution Airbus satellites: Spot 6 and Pleiades. See if you can spot a doorknob or two.