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Take 2 shows 3

Take 2 shows 3

We recently got to visit with some of Take 2's PR peeps, who were agog to show off their early '06 wares. The lion's share of the demonstration time was dedicated to Prey, the PC- and 360-bound first-person shooter. The game brings some very interesting concepts to the FPS table, such as the gravity-changing stage layout, and a "living ship" environment, which brings a new dimension to an FPS staple--shooting aimlessly at the wall. Perhaps the most welcome change brought about in Prey is wall walking, the zero-gravity alternative to ladder climbing, a task that has never been fun in an FPS. The weapon set was unique, combining odd alien technology with standard shooter munitions. The multiplayer looked intriguing, though the guys running the demo had to assure us that the Escher-esque stage didn't play as confusingly as it looked. The release date? "When it's done."

Firmer release dates are in store for 24: The Game and Top Spin 2. The PS2-exclusive 24 is in development by Sony's Cambridge studios, and it's quite obvious that the game is heavily influenced by the team's Getaway franchise. Average gameplay and graphics aside, the game should sell like gangbusters as it releases at the end of the month, at the height of the TV show's nonstop season. Top Spin 2 promises a more realistic career mode and a wider shot selection than the original, while maintaining the usual stellar cast of tennis pros. The shot drops in early April for the Xbox 360.