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Taiwan asks Apple and Google to ditch Uber's app

The ride-hailing service has not found open arms in Taiwan. The government wants it gone.


Taiwan wants Google and Apple's help to get rid of the Uber app.

Carl Court, Getty Images

Taiwan on Wednesday asked Apple and Google to step into its ongoing dispute with ride-hailing service Uber.

Taiwanese officials want the two Silicon Valley tech giants to remove Uber from the App Store and Google Play respectively, according to Reuters. It is also seeking the removal of UberEats, the company's food delivery service, which launched in Taiwan on Tuesday.

Uber has caused uproar around the world as it disrupts existing transporation models and regulations in countries where it launches. From black-cab drivers in London and the taxi industry in France to blind people in New York and even its own drivers, the company is no stranger to regulatory and legal strife.

The company told Reuters that it is discussing the situation with Taiwanese authorities and that it complies with all local regulations.

Uber operates within Taiwan as a technology company, but the government has said that this is a misrepresentation of its service. It believes that instead Uber should be classified as a transportation company, which would mean it should have been paying more in taxes.

Uber, Google and Apple did not respond to requests for comment.