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Taglocity bringing Gmail features to Outlook

Latest release will include enhanced search, conversation threading, tags, and automation to Microsoft's e-mail client.

Taglocity, a company that aims to provide streamlined e-mail services to the enterprise, announced Thursday that the latest release of its add-in for Outlook will bring much of the functionality already offered in Google's Gmail application to Microsoft's e-mail client.

According to the company, Taglocity 2.0 will bring enhanced search, conversation threading, tags, and automation--all features already found in Gmail--to Outlook. The software will allow users to assign an unlimited number of tags to any Outlook item and automate mundane tasks by running actions once tags are set. The company claims that Taglocity 2.0 will be able to turn e-mails into appointments, assign additional tags, or automatically move messages into specified folders.

Perhaps the most important addition to Outlook through Taglocity 2.0 is the ability for users to use one of Gmail's most prominent features: proper conversation viewing. Like Gmail, Taglocity 2.0 will let Outlook users bring up all related e-mails in a single, blog-like chronological order and group all conversations together in search results.

Bringing Gmail features to Outlook is something many users have been asking for. But because they're not coming from Microsoft, it's debatable whether Taglocity 2.0 will improve Outlook usability. Features aside, name recognition means quite a bit in the e-mail business.