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Tagg GPS collar keeps tabs on adventurous pets

The next best thing to texting your pooch is getting an alert when they go astray. Hey, it isn't stalking if it's your pooch!

Fit this on Fido to keep his picture off your neighborhood lamppost for missing pets. Tagg

NEW ORLEANS--If you've got a mischievous pet with a habit of stepping out, you may be interested in Tagg, a pet-tracking system that uses GPS, data, e-mail, texting, and a handful of apps to help you keep tabs on your tabby.

The $99 starter kit comes with a passive tracking attachment for the collar, and an at-home unit that includes a short-range radio.

If Fido leaves the perimeter of your home, the collar tracker awakens. If he strays too far, up to five people will receive a text or e-mail alert. You can also keep an eye on your furry friend through an Android or iPhone app, through the mobile Web, or through any other Web site.

Thanks to a partnership with Qualcomm, from which Tagg spun, and Verizon, data alerts ride on Verizon's network. But you don't have to have a Verizon account to use it; Tagg does.

Tagg costs nothing the first three months, $7.95 every month after that, and $0.95 for each additional pet. There's no contract to sign.

Tagg launched in October 2011, but the main announcement here at CTIA is distribution to retailers like Target, Amazon, Apple stores, and select pet stores.

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