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TAG Heuer's $1,500 luxury smartwatch isn't so special

The first luxury Android Wear watch doesn't stand out from the competition. Meanwhile, Apple's iPad Pro hits stores this week, and BlackBerry puts a keyboard on an Android phone.

Android Wear watches are getting a high-fashion upgrade. But as for the tech... not so much.

In this CNET Update, take a look at TAG Heuer Connected , the first luxury smartwatch that runs Android. It comes at a luxurious price, but you're paying for the name and look of a TAG Heuer watch:

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Also in expensive gadget news, Apple's iPad Pro is hitting stores this week. The large tablet works with Apple's Pencil stylus and smart keyboard accessory -- both sold separately, of course. And in the meantime, BlackBerry's first Android phone is on sale . The Priv puts a keyboard and extra privacy on an Android Lollipop smartphone, available at AT&T and soon Verizon.

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TAG Heuer's $1500 luxury smartwatch isn't so special