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Tag Heuer plans watch phone for 2008

Partnership with ModeLabs is called unprecedented.

Tag Heuer

Every once in a long while, Crave actually has something good to say about the evolution of a product. We're pleased (and surprised) to say that watch phones, while hardly what you'd call wildly popular, have at least made some tangible progress in their designs as they no longer all look like GPS devices awkwardly strapped to the wrist.

To date, however, many of these models have come from manufacturers of dubious origin. But luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer is ready to change all that with its first line of mobile phones from ModeLabs Group, the Paris-based design house that has created handsets for such brands as Levi's and Hummer. Although those weren't watch phones, ModeLabs has never been shy to take chances with new designs and products.

The partnership, which Luxurylaunches describes as a "world-first agreement between the field of mobile phones and that of luxury watchmaking," is part of a project that Tag Heuer began three years ago--a timetable that helps explain why details and specs are so slow in coming. What we do know is that the companies are planning to finally end the suspense with a maiden launch in 2008.