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TAG Heuer Meridiist: Because you're the man

Got a massive wodge burning a hole in your pocket? Want to enhance your manliness? Why not consider the TAG Heuer Meridiist, a phone with -- get this -- a built-in clock

At a time when people danced to Duran Duran and yuppies piddled away cash on debauched nights out, there was one piece of kit that defined you as the man -- an enormous, expensive watch. If you owned a Rolex, it meant you'd made it -- you were conspicuously richer than the Casio-wearing peasant moonwalking next to you.

These days, we're slightly more subtle with our displays of wealth, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Watches might have been declassed from grade-A gadget snobbery, but in their place are high-end mobile phones -- and we're not talking Nokia N95s, we're talking about phones that cost thousands of pounds. Enter the TAG Heuer Meridiist.

Disappointingly, this is a phone, not a James Bond watch with a phone built in, but it promises to combine the same engineering, quality and styling as the Swiss company's watches -- with a price tag to match. This is a phone that shouts "You the man!" Or at least, "You the man with a big fat wad of cash in his pocket."

The Meridiist is set to come out some time in the next few months and will cost around £3,000. For your massive bundle of wonga you'll get a corrosion-resistant casing, 'unscratchable' sapphire crystal dual display. The secondary display makes the whole top of the phone and -- get this -- it shows the time. Amazing. Expect more news and specs soon. -Andrew Lim