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Tabletop induction cooker has five settings, sleek design

Attractive induction counter-top cooker heats a variety of meals with gentle heat


Whoever said that induction cooktops need to take up precious real estate in your kitchen must have missed these countertop induction cookers that are popping up all over the place in collections for modern kitchen designers. Induction has proven to be an attractive cooking option because of its ability to keep nutrients where they should be: in your food.

Made by Eisfink, the La Mamma induction cooktop shown here allows you to cook a variety of foods at high speeds. The cooker has five temperature settings that correspond to different types of food, including a moderate 60 degrees Celsius for vegetables, 90 degrees Celsius for fish, 120 degrees for meat, 150 degrees for bread, and 240 for boiling water. It even has an integrated timing system so you can schedule your meals to finish at a predetermined dinnertime.

Because the cooktop stands by itself as a cooking surface, the electronic components are located inside the base of the unit. Don't worry about clean-up, though: its modular design makes it easy to clean.

More information on these modular designs are on Eisfink's Web site.