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Tablet Tuesday: Get a new Kindle Fire for $139.99

That's the lowest price ever on a non-refurbished Fire. The catch? You'll have to hit your local Best Buy. And pay sales tax.

Best Buy

Killer holiday gift alert! While supplies last, Best Buy has the second-gen Kindle Fire (8GB) tablet for $139.99 plus tax. Amazingly, it's new, not refurbished.

The only catch is that although you can order this online, you can't have it shipped -- you'll have to pick it up in your local Best Buy store. But at least you can make sure it's waiting for you when you arrive; it's not like you have to go racing over there this minute in the hopes of snagging one.

Also, when I clicked Check Stores on the product page, I found that pretty much every Best Buy store in metro Detroit had them in stock. YMMV, of course, but for the moment it looks like there's inventory aplenty.

Purchased directly from Amazon, the Kindle Fire would cost you $159 shipped. When you factor in sales tax and the cost of time and gas to get to Best Buy, the savings might amount to only a few bucks.

Of course, that few bucks might be enough to buy you a case -- like, say, this multi-angle viewing stand/case for $5.99.

Even with tax and whatnot, I can't help liking this deal, only because the Kindle Fire at $139.99 is without question one of the best tablet deals ever. It may lack a few of the Fire HD's bells and whistles, but overall it's a winning product in my book -- especially at that price.

Granted, as CNET pointed out in its review, this Fire lacks HDMI, a camera, and an expansion slot. If those are deal-breakers, then by all means look elsewhere. But if you simply want to play games, consume media, run apps, browse the Web, check e-mail, and so on, this is $140 well spent.

Bonus deal: Calling all music-loving Mac users! StackSocial just kicked off a new bundle, one that's well worth a look. The Ultimate Music Bundle comes with eight apps and services for $39. Combined value: $355. Among the highlights: iTunes music library organizer/fixer TuneUp (which normally costs $50 all by itself), DJ music mixer MegaSeg DJ, and one year of online backup (up to 50GB) from SOS Online Backup.

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