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Tablet battery life: CNET's top six

CNET nails down the top six longest-lasting tablets.

Inside the Toshiba Thrive's chassis is a removable lithium ion battery. Josh Miller/CNET

Battery life is one of the most important features to consider when shopping for a tablet. A short battery life could mean the difference between being truly mobile with your slim, sexy, mobile device or carrying around various clunky juice boxes and power adapters, which isn't nearly as sexy.

Battery life is heavily tied to the brightness of the tablet's display and its wireless connection activity. To ensure optimal battery life, turn down that brightness and make sure Airplane mode is on. Also, stop using those frackin' apps and don't check your damn e-mail! OK, I'm getting a bit carried away. You can totally check e-mail.

Seriously, if you want to ensure that your battery life remains at 100 percent, charge up your tablet and then turn it off. If, however, you'd like for your hard-earned cash to not have been completely spent in vain, turn down your brightness to half and put the tablet in Airplane mode when you don't need the Internets.

Anyway, here's our top-six list and check here to see what the rest look like.