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T-shirt reminds you how polluted the air is

NYU grad students come with a shirt whose design changes when levels of carbon monoxide around the wearer get too high.

Warning Signs T-shirt
Once the depressing blue vein-like patterns appear, you can either put on a gas mask or head out to the country. Miriam Simun

We all know pollution can be quite unhealthy, and the Warning Signs carbon monoxide-detecting T-shirt serves as a fashionable reminder of that.

Developed by two New York University graduate students, Nien Lam and Sue Ngo, the functional shirt turns from pink to blue when the offending gas comes into contact with it. In the two designs created--a heart and pair of lungs--blue, vein-like patterns appear on the pink organs whenever levels of the poisonous gas get high.

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While we're not sure if the shirts still work after a few washes, this odd invention could be quite popular, should it ever be sold. Of course, the question remains: What do you do once the shirt tells you you're breathing in unhealthy levels of carbon monoxide? Presumably, it's then time to put on a gas mask--or this air-purifying gown.

warning signs from Susan Ngo on Vimeo.

(Source: Crave Asia via ecouterre)