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T-RON Cybertech guitar is your sci-fi axe of choice

Rock out to the hits of 1982 with this "Tron"-inspired six-string.

Hutchinson Guitars

I have a feeling "Eye of the Tiger" would sound very good on this. But anything from 1982 would too.

That's the year "Tron" came out (as well as sci-fi classics "Blade Runner" and "Star Trek II"), and the T-RON Cybertech from Hutchinson Guitars is a fitting homage axe to the Disney fantasy.

Based on Hutchinson's Cybertech, aka Stormtrooper, guitar, the T-RON has a "retro-futuristic 'living circuit' theme" that screams early '80s.

It's got Gibson humbuckers, a Ghost MIDI interface, and a MIDI XY touchpad for controlling effects.

But above all, it looks cool as hell with its glowing piping around the pickguard and controls.

It would go perfectly with your own Lightcycle and whatever "Tron" merch you've got in your closet.

It takes more than 300 hours to craft the T-RON and so far there's a waiting list of nine months.

Hutchinson wants 4,000 pounds ($6,256) for it, but just imagine how good it'll look when you rip through a solo.