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T-Rex time: Watch sports real dinosaur bones

The Jurassic Tourbillon from Louis Moinet goes beyond bling; this watch contains fragments of dinosaur bones some 130 million years old.

dinosaur watch
Louis Moinet

If you're tired of excess bling on your wrist, and indecipherable Japanese timepieces don't turn you on, watchmaker Louis Moinet has just the thing for you: fossils.

The Jurassic Tourbillon apparently contains fragments of dinosaur bones in the dial that are some 130 million years old (that would seem to put it in the Cretaceous, but what's a few million years?). It's part of a new series of exquisite novelty watches from Moinet called Time Explorator.

The Jurassic Tourbillon also has a case featuring white gold, white diamonds, and an anti-reflective sapphire crystal front. The clasp is gold, too.

There's no detail on the bone fragments (T-Rex? Brachiosaurus?), but the watch will apparently sell for more than 150,000 Swiss francs ($140,000). For that much, you could buy a whole dinosaur skull--and then some.

(Via Gizmodo)