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T-Qualizer: The beat goes on

Show the world the music you're listening to, by putting on the T-Qualizer. The t-shirt's sound sensitive display lights up in the same was as an equaliser on a hifi. Rawk!

Do you ever walk around town wondering what the world would look like if you had a graphic equaliser strapped to your stomach? In the late 80s we showed the world how hot we were with our Hypercolor t-shirts, then came solar-powered embroidery, which showed its true colours when were out in the sun. Now the T-Qualizer is the next great thing in t-shirt design.

The T-Qualizer is a t-shirt with a sound-sensitive display that lights up in the same way as the equaliser on your hi-fi. So, whether you're cruising around town or strutting your stuff in a club, you can show everyone how deep the bass really goes.

The t-shirt works by using a sound-sensitive graphic equaliser, which is hooked up to a battery pack with a sound sensor. The power pack, which runs off four AAA batteries, is detachable for when you hand-wash the t-shirt. 

The sound sensor isn't the most sensitive on the market -- it's unlikely to pick up on background noise unless it's really pumping -- and the power pack weighs down the t-shirt. Also, we don't like that the t-shirt is hand-wash only.

The T-Qualizer is essentially pointless, but it could make a good cheesy present for a friend who loves their music. It certainly beats the old-school Hypercolor t-shirts as a must-have for useless gadget fans, and we might even be persuaded to sport ours round town.

The T-Qualizer is available at Crazyaboutgadgets, priced at £19.95. -BJ