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T-Mobile's TV service said to face launch delay

The promised video product proved too complex, sources tell Bloomberg.

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T-Mobile is reportedly delaying the launch of its video service.

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T-Mobile's much-anticipated TV service has proven more complex than originally thought, forcing a delay in its launch, Bloomberg reported Wednesday.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere promised the service would launch this year when he announced in 2017 the acquisition of Layer 3 TV, a tech TV company. T-Mobile billed the service as a breakthrough for people who "love their TV, but ... hate their TV providers," promising a combination of streaming TV and online video without lengthy contracts or unwanted channel bundles.

Executives wrestled with the decision of offering a typical streaming service or waiting until 2019 to launch a more groundbreaking product, Bloomberg reported, citing unidentified people familiar with the project.

T-Mobile didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

Layer 3 TV launched in 2013, offering a new web-based TV service providing an alternative to traditional cable or satellite TV. While it offered many of the same channels as a traditional cable provider, it also integrated content from online video providers, like Netflix and YouTube. Then it layered in social media feeds to the viewing experience.

This isn't T-Mobile's first foray into video. Last year, the company partnered with Netflix to bundle its wireless service with Netflix's online video offering. Three years ago it launched Binge On, a service that let customers stream unlimited data at a lower resolution quality from certain video services.