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T-Mobile's RIM BlackBerry 8820 is all about business, connections

T-Mobile adds the RIM BlackBerry 8820 to its lineup

RIM BlackBerry 8820 for T-Mobile Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks

Spring has arrived and the flowers are blooming, and apparently so are the BlackBerrys. Just last week, RIM released the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 for AT&T, and now T-Mobile is getting the RIM BlackBerry 8820. It isn't the freshest model on the market; in fact, AT&T has had this model for a few months. However, it does present T-Mobile customers with a better-equipped business smartphone than the current RIM BlackBerry 8830, since it brings the addition of Wi-Fi and support for the carrier's HotSpot@Home service. It also continues to offer Bluetooth, GPS, and of course, e-mail capabilities. Our minor gripes with the phone include a kludgey Web browser and design flaws, but overall, the BlackBerry 8820 will serve mobile professionals well. Read our full review to get all the juicy details.

BlackBerry 8820