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T-Mobile's newest Binge On expansion adds in Elmo

Along with PBS, you can expect to find Azubu, Dailymotion Games and Eyegroove in the carrier's lineup of services you can stream without burning through your data plan.


T-Mobile CEO John Legere has said customers are "thrilled" with Binge On.

Screenshot by Claudia Cruz/CNET

T-Mobile on Tuesday announced another expansion of its "Binge On" program, which lets you stream music and video from select services without burning through your mobile data plan. The new arrivals include Azubu, Dailymotion Games, Eyegroove and PBS, which should come in handy if your kids like to watch "Sesame Street" in the backseat.

It's the sixth time T-Mobile has expanded the Binge On lineup, which already includes staples like HBO, Netflix and Spotify. Some critics have argued that the service violates Net neutrality rules, which require all services on the Internet be treated the same, and shows that data caps are unnecessary.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere defended Binge On in a blog post earlier this year.

"Customers are thrilled," he said. "Video providers couldn't be happier to deliver more of their great content to mobile devices, knowing their viewers aren't forced to 'watch the data meter.'"

The expanded Binge On lineup is available starting today.