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T-Mobile's new twist on monthly plans

T-Mobile ditches two-year contracts, LinkedIn changes its search tool, and the Evernote app updates its note-taking tools on Android.

CNET Update can spare some change:

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T-Mobile is ditching the typical contract and smartphone subsidy for a new plan. Pay full price for a phone, or pay it off over time with monthly payments -- and data plans start at $50 a month for 500 MB. Expect T-Mobile to release more details at a press announcement Tuesday morning.

Other stories featured in Monday's tech roundup:

- Barnes & Noble is working on incorporating in-app purchases for apps on the Nook tablets. And for those seeking an e-reader for their Easter basket, Barnes & Noble is giving a free Nook Simple Touch e-reader with the purchase of the Nook HD+ tablet.

- LinkedIn has been tweaking its search for the past year. Starting Monday, an improved search tool will show results tailored to your network.

- Lawmakers in West Virgina say wearing Google Glass while driving should be illegal, just like texting while driving.

- HTC blames the camera for the delay of launching the HTC One, its flagship smartphone with an all-aluminum body. Expect a U.S. launch sometime in April.

- The SnipSnap coupon app arrives in the Google Play store for Android users. It lets users scan clipped coupons instead of having to carry them to the store.

- Evernote updated its Android app with the same features found in the iOS version, including the ability to scan notes written on pages of the special Evernote Moleskine notebook.

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