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T-Mobile's discounted unlimited plan targets data-hungry families

The carrier cuts the rate on its four-person unlimited data plan. Virgin Mobile, meanwhile, introduces a new set of lower-priced plans for bargain hunters.


T-Mobile's promotional unlimited data family plan is a third cheaper than before.


T-Mobile is celebrating.

The Bellevue, Washington, company, dropped the price of its unlimited data family plan by a third on Wednesday. The cut came a day after the carrier edged out Verizon Wireless as the fastest carrier in the US, according to a report by testing firm OpenSignal.

The nation's third-largest carrier dropped the price of its four-person unlimited data plan by $70 to $150 a month. T-Mobile is also offering a separate four-person plan for $120 a month where each member gets 10 gigabytes of data.

The promotions are among the latest rolled out by wireless carriers as competition for consumers rises furiously. Each wireless service provider has amped up its promotions with incentives designed to lure you away from your existing carrier. That means savvy shoppers willing to hunt for bargains or switch services can nab a better deal.

T-Mobile is cutting the price by eliminating the charge for the plan's fourth line. It's available to new and existing customers.

Virgin Mobile, meanwhile, also unveiled a new set of lower-priced plans on Tuesday. The prepaid phone service, a unit of Overland Park, Kansas-based Sprint, cut the price of each of its three plans by $5 a month.

The prices range from $30 a month for 500 megabytes of high-speed data, along with unlimited voice and text messages, to $50 for 6 gigabytes of data. You can buy 1 gigabyte of additional data for $5. Customers who hit their data limit see a slower connection speed for the rest of the month.