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T-Mobile will launch free video service in 'next few weeks,' says report

Customers can reportedly watch live content and on-demand videos through the app.


T-Mobile will reportedly launch its video streaming service soon. 

Omar Marques via SOPA Images/Getty Images

We're still waiting for T-Mobile's much-anticipated paid TV service, but the wireless carrier is reportedly close to launching a free streaming service for mobile devices.

T-Mobile plans to launch an ad-supported mobile video service in the next few weeks, according to a Cheddar report on Friday. The service, which will lean on licensed Xumo technology through T-Mobile's Layer3 TV division, will let customers watch live shows on phones and other connected devices, according to the report. An app for the service will reportedly come preinstalled on some T-Mobile devices, including some Samsung phones.

T-Mobile acquired web-based TV service Layer3 TV in 2017. At the time, the carrier said it would launch a paid service that combines streaming TV and online video. T-Mobile called it a breakthrough for people who "love their TV, but ... hate their TV providers."

T-Mobile's paid TV service was expected to launch in 2018 but reportedly hit delays. The free service will act as a prelude to T-Mobile's larger TV plans, according to Cheddar.

T-Mobile spokesperson pointed to a tweet by Xumo TV, claiming the report isn't quite accurate.