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T-Mobile USA reveals HSPA+ plans

T-Mobile USA said that it will expand its HSPA+ network across the United States in 2010.

T-Mobile's Brodman speaks at the press conference. Kent German/CNET

Editors' note: Though T-Mobile is billing it as 4G technology, HSPA+ is a 3G technology based on existing 3G standards.

BARCELONA, Spain--On a chilly morning at Mobile World Congress, T-Mobile USA promised that it would phase in a nationwide HSPA+ network in 2010. Speaking at a press conference at the carrier's glass-fronted pavilion, T-Mobile USA CTO Cole Brodman said the service, which is currently live in Philadelphia, will start to roll out to other cities in the next few months. Though Brodman didn't reveal a specific cities or set a timetable, T-Mobile spokesman Peter Dobrow said the high-speed network will start in major cities on the East and West coasts.

As part of the announcement the carrier also introduced the T-Mobile webConnect Rocket Stick, the first such HSPA+ device with a major U.S. carrier. Pricing was not announced, but the Rocket Stick will offer laptop users access to the carrier's HSPA+ and 3G networks, Wi-Fi, and unlimited use of T-Mobile HotSpots.

The carrier has yet to announce HSPA+ phones, but Brodman used the press conference to confirm carrier support for the HTC HD2 and the new Google Android Motorola Cliq XT, which Moto announced Monday at MWC. The Cliq XT will be available in March, and the HD2 will hit stores later this spring. T-Mobile has not confirmed pricing for either phone, but we expect them to cost around $149.