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T-Mobile rolls out update that kills Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The update will prevent the phone battery from charging, rendering the phone unusable.


T-Mobile is the first major carrier to push the Galaxy Note 7-killing update.

Josh Miller

T-Mobile is the first major carrier to push an update to remaining Samsung Galaxy Note 7 handsets that will prevent the phone battery from charging.

Once updated, the phones will display an on-screen notification about the recall with instructions and they will no longer have the ability to charge.

The update, which will essentially make the phones unusable, will also reach AT&T and Sprint customers on January 5. However, Verizon customers shouldn't expect it anytime soon.

The Note 7 was plagued with battery problems that caused some units to overheat and catch fire. This resulted in two global recalls, the permanent ceasing of production and tons of bad press for Samsung. This update is the last nail in the coffin of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7's remaining in the wild.