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Josh Miller/CNET

T-Mobile Tuesday extended to Friday after disappointing third week

When will it be T-Mobile Tuesday for real? After some trouble earlier today, the carrier gives customers a few extra days to take advantage of its freebies this week.

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T-Mobile Tuesdays, the cellular carrier's new program that rewards your loyalty with pizza (among other freebies) has just stumbled for the third time in a row. Today, many customers discovered the app wouldn't load or wouldn't show any of the free items that the carrier promised.

While T-Mobile CEO John Legere downplayed the issues earlier Tuesday, they were apparently severe enough to make an impact: This afternoon Legere said the company will extend most of this week's free offers through Friday.

This week's offers include a free small Frosty at Wendy's, a free Lyft ride up to $15, a $20 MLBshop coupon and a free Vudu movie rental. To take advantage of the offer, you may still need to use the T-Mobile Tuesdays app to download the codes today. As far as we can tell, the app is working fine now.

In addition to simply being angry that they couldn't get the promised deals, some T-Mobile customers discovered too late that Domino's Pizza had backed out of the originally promised free pizza deal:

In an email published on Twitter by Legere, Domino's allegedly complained that it couldn't keep up with the volume of customers looking for free pizza.