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T-Mobile to phase out MyFaves

T-Mobile's new unlimited calling plans will replace its MyFaves option.

T-Mobile revealed more changes to its calling plans this week when it announced that it would phase out its MyFaves option. The news comes two weeks after the carrier's introduction of new no-contract and unlimited service plans.

In a statement sent to Fierce Wireless, the carrier said its new Even More Plus plans replace MyFaves by offering unlimited calling to more people. In contrast, MyFaves offered unlimited calls to only five people.

The change only affects new customers, so current subscribers actively using MyFaves will still be able to access the service. Additionally, all customers can use the MyFaves interface on their phone for quick access to their favorite contacts.

T-Mobile introduced MyFaves in 2006 in response to Alltel's My Circle plan. Verizon Wireless and AT&T then followed with similar options.