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T-Mobile Shadow steps out into the limelight

T-Mobile and HTC introduce the phone-centric, entry-level T-Mobile Shadow smartphone.

T-Mobile Shadow
T-Mobile Shadow T-Mobile

Have you ever found yourself in this quandary? You walk into your cell phone carrier's store, looking to purchase your first smartphone but you're too old to get a device like the T-Mobile Sidekick and yet, you're not really ready for a full-featured beast like the AT&T Tilt. So what's a girl or boy to do? Well, it seems the handset manufacturers and carriers are hip to this problem and are trying to fill the void in the market by releasing more user-friendly, affordable, and fun smartphones. We saw it with the Palm Centro for Sprint, and now we've got another one with the T-Mobile Shadow.

The entry-level Shadow is made by HTC and features a fun, slider design, fresh interface, and wallet-friendly price tag. Under the hood, it's still a Windows Mobile 6 device but T-Mobile isn't even playing up that fact. Instead, it's concentrating on the phone features and the ability to stay connected, whether to the Web or friends via various messaging options. Highlights include a gorgeous display, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and a 2-megapixel camera. The T-Mobile Shadow will be available starting in October 31 for $149.99 with a two-year voice an data plan and will come in two colors: sage or copper. We have a full review of the smartphone ready for you but it appears to be hiding in the cyberspace shadows (read: we are having technical difficulties), so check back tomorrow morning.