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T-Mobile serving Samsung Vibrant Froyo on January 21

A delivery of Android 2.2's Froyo build will sweeten Samsung Vibrant owners' dispositions, which have grown salty of late thanks to update delays.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Samsung Vibrant owners may be getting sweeter later this month. T-Mobile will begin updating the Samsung smartphone from Android 2.1 to Android 2.2. Subscribers will begin seeing the long-awaited changes as soon as January 21, though the rollout will come in waves--not everyone will receive a call to update on the same day.

In addition to serving Vibrant owners some good new about the Froyo build, T-Mobile also put to rest a nasty rumor that Samsung has been purposely thwarting the Android 2.2 update.

Samsung's custom skin and T-Mobile's add-on apps are two complications behind the slow-down, according to PC Magazine. Delays like this are common whenever a carrier or manufacturer adds elements on top of Google's stock Android OS.

T-Mobile has acknowledged subscribers' frustration, stating a goal of updating Android-run phones to the newest OS within three to five months of a Google release. Let's hope T-Mo can make good on its pledge.