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T-Mobile rolls out minor update to Cliq XT

While it's not the long-awaited Android 2.1 update, a minor update for the Motorola Cliq XT at least fixes a few bugs and improves overall performance.

Cliq XT Motorola

T-Mobile and Motorola are pushing out an update to the Motorola Cliq XT this week that is designed to improve the overall performance of the device.

While it's not the Android 2.1 update users have been pining for, it's recommended nonetheless. The 1.32.20 release is said to significantly improve common requests such as answering calls, opening apps, and downloading attachments from e-mails.

Other features include enhanced Bluetooth connectivity, updates to the Swype keyboard, and a fix for errors received in certain messaging scenarios.

The update to Android 2.1 is still scheduled for late Q3/early Q4, but I wouldn't hold my breath just yet. The bump to Eclair, which was scheduled for Q2 has been pushed back twice already.

To keep up to date with Motorola's handsets as they pertain to Android software updates, head to Moto's support page.