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T-Mobile quadruples its Binge On streaming partners

The nation's third-largest wireless carrier wants its customers to watch more video without worrying about data usage.

The wireless carrier has added 16 video services to its data-free streaming program.

Attention, video addicts: T-Mobile has added 16 new video services to its Binge On streaming program.

The company's program now boasts four times more services than it started with, highlighting Binge On's rapid growth, the company said Tuesday. T-Mobile customers have streamed 765 million hours (or 87,000 years) of video on the platform since it kicked off in November. Among the sites added Tuesday are ABC, Disney, Apple Music, Dish Anywhere, Fox Now, Nat Geo TV and Shalom World, for a total of more than 100.

Binge On users can watch unlimited video without eating into their monthly data. The company believes its program will lead to more people watching more videos for longer periods of time, T-Mobile said.

The program relies on video compression to operate. Each of the videos are shrunk to 480p resolution, which lowers the data required to stream them. T-Mobile customers with a Simple Choice plan or better have access to Binge On.