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T-Mobile offering $350 for iPhone-to-HD2 trade

If you're ready to leave the iPhone life for a Windows Phone 6.5 life, you can walk out of a T-Mobile store with an HD2 for $100 and no contract.

This could be yours. CNET

So let's say you've got an iPhone. And let's say that you don't like it. Let's say you're a person who wants to switch from the iPhone life to the Windows Phone 6.5 life. T-Mobile has a plan to make that happen.

We're not sure how popular this plan is going to be, but we do know that it's legit and it's aggressive: T-Mobile is offering up to a $350 trade-in on iPhones for those who want to get the carrier's own HTC HD2.

The T-Mobile phone regularly sells for $200 with a two-year contract, or $450 without a contract. The phone runs Windows Phone 6.5 and features HTC's custom GUI called Sense. With the discount, one could walk out of a participating T-Mobile store for a nonactivated, contract-free HD2 for $100.

The HD2 is HTC's flagship Windows phone, with a big, bright screen rivaling the iPhone and the Nexus One among others. While many think that Windows Phone 6.5 doesn't compare to the latest from Apple and Android, it should be noted that the HD2 has already been certified to run Windows Phone 7, Microsoft's next-gen phone OS that's been turning heads lately.

For some, the promise of Windows Phone 7 is enough reason to make the switch. It'll be interesting to see how many people take advantage of this offer until it expires on May 19. Oh, and the iPhone has to be working, sport.