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T-Mobile: 'Minor software issue' causes slow network speeds

The number of affected customers was exceedingly small -- just .02 percent, according to T-Mobile.

T-Mobile customers in the US were affected by a "minor software issue" that caused slow network speeds, the company's CEO confirmed.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere posted to his Twitter account on Tuesday that a "very small number of customers saw slower data recently and only when downloading very large files." Legere said that the issue had been identified and a fix put into effect on Tuesday.

Although Legere didn't say how many users were affected, a T-Mobile spokesman told mobile site Fierce Wireless on Wednesday that it affected .02 percent of customers. At the end of the third quarter, T-Mobile had about 45 million customers in the US, meaning about 9,000 people were affected.

Network issues are nothing new in the mobile space. T-Mobile didn't say specifically what the software issue was, but it appears at this point that the trouble has been resolved.