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T-Mobile makes royal family dance on YouTube

To celebrate the British royal wedding, T-Mobile re-creates the famous YouTube "JK Wedding Dance" video with royal lookalikes. Even the Queen is seen jigging away merrily.

T-Mobile has made itself famous in the U.K. and elsewhere with spontaneous displays of joyful dancing at places such as miserable British railway stations, as it follows its strategy of sharing through connection.

Spontaneous displays of joyful dancing are not what one would necessarily associate with Britain's royal family, however. So how touchingly optimistic it is to see T-Mobile giving us Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, touching bottoms on the way down the church aisle

And not only these two royal members.

The company, you see, has re-created the infamously uplifting "JK's Wedding Dance" YouTube video and injected into it royal lookalikes.

This is an homage to the royal wedding, due to take place in two weeks, in which the groom actually speaks with a far more ordinary British accent than does his bride, whose cut-glass intonation could slit a diamond in two.

The creators of this wonderful work of art have been careful to avoid the music of Chris Brown (featured in the original), instead plumping for East 17's "House of Love".

Not only does the queen of England wave with an abandon never seen in real life, but we also witness the innate rock-star tendencies of Prince Harry.

When the groom leaps over his brother and down the aisle, who could not immediately want to apply for British citizenship? And when the bride herself finally appears, William cannot help but stroke her thigh just to make her feel welcome.

In the meantime, the Archbishop of Canterbury is swaying away, as if this were a gospel revival and he were Mahalia Jackson.

This fetching tribute has already fetched more than 4.5 million YouTube views and one can only wish that the real thing might be half as enjoyable.

Somehow, I feel it might be a little more sober than this and we will not be able to be as moved as we are by this video.

This expectation is enhanced by the devastating news that, unlike porn movies in Hong Kong, the royal wedding will not be transmitted in 3D.