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T-Mobile throws in an extra line in latest freebie

First it was free pizza. Now T-Mobile is giving away an extra line if you are already paying for at least two.


T-Mobile CEO John Legere is trying to undercut his competitors again.

James Martin/CNET

The third line's the charm.

T-Mobile customers with at least two lines of service can get an additional line for free, the company said Monday.

Starting Wednesday, new customers or current subscribers with a T-Mobile One or Simple Choice plan are eligible for the extra line if they sign up for automatic payments. T-Mobile is currently offering a deal with two lines for $100 or three lines for $140, with taxes and fees included in that price. The new offer, which can be combined with the current one, can save customers $40 a month if they have a third line. Each line has unlimited calls, texts and LTE data, though a line is subject to reduced speeds if data use tops 28 gigabytes in a month. The company didn't say how long it will offer the deal but did say that once someone signs up, there's no cutoff date.

"Today, I'm thanking customers by giving them one of the things they want the most -- a way to connect more of their family or more of their devices all the time," T-Mobile CEO John Legere said in a statement.

The extra line isn't limited to phones and can be used on smartwatches and tablets, too.

The offer comes as T-Mobile continues its battle against Verizon. The two telecommunications giants are competing on every front, including who has the best network in the US. RootMetrics last week declared Verizon the top network for the seventh time in a row.

T-Mobile's push to add an extra line for free sticks to the company's theme of smothering customers with freebies. It launched T-Mobile Tuesdays in 2016, dishing out free items like pizza and movie tickets each week to people using its app.