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T-Mobile is having another Uncarrier (11) moment

Who knows what CEO John Legere is going to say while hyping the 11th installment of the marketing campaign?

Are we ready to see what T-Mobile is up to this time around?

On Thursday, the nation's third-largest wireless carrier announced its Uncarrier 11 customer livestreaming event on Monday.

"You're invited! Tune in LIVE to be blown away by our next Un-carrier move. Epic news you won't want to miss!," tweeted the Bellevue, Washington company.

Typically, T-Mobile's customer promotions include prepaid plans, monthly rollover of used data and free roaming to Canada and Mexico as part of its nearly 3-year-old successful marketing campaign. There likely will be plenty of giveaways.

But, don't we really want to watch for what CEO John Legere may say next?