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T-Mobile gets fast & furious with the Sony Ericsson W705 and Zeemote

We're more than willing to trade our dignity for a fun time, so we can't wait to bust out T-Mobile's new Sony Ericsson W705 with its bundled Bluetooth game controller, the Zeemote

As old-school button-mashers, we get numb thumbs when we've spent a good stretch playing games on our mobiles. We're also not afraid to look like total plonkers, so we like the idea of the Zeemote, a Bluetooth games controller for your phone with an analogue joystick and four buttons.

T-Mobile is bundling the Zeemote, along with homoerotic-car-battle-movie-tie-in game Fast & Furious, with a Sony Ericsson W705 walkman phone.

We think the W705 is a great music phone, except for its lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack, so the addition of the Zeemote should make it the ideal package for long train journeys or family holidays. Just make sure that while you're waving it around trying to master the Tokyo drift, you don't hit grandma in the face.

As well as the muscle-car action of Fast & Furious, the phone will come pre-loaded with two more Zeemote-compatible games: Planet Riders and DEEP Submarine Odyssey, which aren't half as homoerotic as they sound, sadly. But you'll have to move quick to get those two, because T-Mobile is only including them for a limited time.

There will also be five more Zeemote-compatible game demos to try out, including Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X and Prince of Persia. More games will be available for download from T-Mobile.

The W705 Zeemote package will be available towards the end of May, from free on a £25-per-month contract, from the T-Mobile Web site.