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T-Mobile gets all colorful

T-Mobile offers the Stripe and Rizr in new colors

Motorola Rizr Z3
Motorola Rizr Z3 T-Mobile

T-Mobile is never one to shy away from new colors for its cell phones. Already it has introduced Moto's Razr in a variety of colors and designs, including magenta and dragon tattoo. But now the carrier turns its attention to one of its most recent offerings, the Motorola Rizr Z3. In addition to its existing blue model, T-Mobile soon will offer the Rizr Rose. To the rest of you, that means red, but we admit that "rose" is a little catchier.

The feature set on the new Rizr is unchanged, and though we couldn't get pricing yet, we expect it to fetch $99 (with a new service contract).

Samsung SGH-T329 Stripe
Samsung SGH-T329 Stripe T-Mobile

T-Mobile also is selling its Samsung SGH-T329 Stripe in a new hue. Instead of sliver with a gray stripe, this new SGH-T329 is black with a silver stripe. Like the new Rizr, the black Stripe offers the same feature set as its sibling. You can get it for $39 (with a new service contract).