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T-Mobile G1 vs HTC Touch HD vs iPhone 3G vs BlackBerry Storm

If you've been waiting for a touchscreen phone to come out that dazzles and amazes you as much as it will your friends, these may be the ones for you

There have been plenty of touchscreen phones out in the past year but few have really impressed us -- until now. By Christmas this year you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking out a fancy new touchscreen phone with all the trimmings. Before you settle on anything, read our roundup of this year's touchscreen titans.

We've compared the four most prominent touchscreen smartphones of the moment: the T-Mobile G1, the HTC Touch HD, the Apple iPhone 3G and the BlackBerry Storm. Click 'Continue' for our thoughts on the G1...

T-Mobile G1

We weren't sure about the G1 initially, but after spending some quality time with it, we think it's the start of something really good. The Google Android operating system is superb, and with a little work we can see it being one of the most popular mobile operating systems out there. We're not as taken with the G1's unflattering hardware, but it's functional and it works well enough.

One of the advantages the G1 has over its competitors is that it combines a full Qwerty keyboard with a very responsive touchscreen and an easy-to-use scroll ball -- perhaps not terribly elegant, but it's great for messaging and browsing the Web. We also prefer its matte finish to the iPhone's gloss -- you won't need to polish it to keep it clean all the time.

If you're looking for a device that can keep up with the iPhone but won't lock you in to Apple's infrastructure -- and you don't care that much about looks -- this is it. For more information read our T-Mobile G1 review.

HTC Touch HD

The HTC Touch HD is beautiful and it knows it. If you want to get yourself the sexiest Windows Mobile phone available, this is it. A massive touchscreen sits in a slim casing that packs a 3.5mm headphone jack and a 5-megapixel camera -- this is a phone to be reckoned with.

If you require serious business features, Windows Mobile will probably fit your needs well enough, but we'd love to see Android running on this thing. While it responds to many tasks with just a finger you still need to pull out the stylus every now and then if you want more accuracy, and that's something we're not keen on.

If you use Exchange to receive work emails, Windows Mobile offers the best experience, but it's not the best when it comes to overall ease of use. For more information and hands-on pictures check out our HTC Touch HD photo story.

iPhone 3G

Apple's iPhone 3G may have been around a few months, but it deserves to be in this list: it still sets the standard when it comes to combining an attractive design with a wonderfully easy-to-use operating system. We're still annoyed there's no support for sending MMS or shooting video, but it certainly offers an exciting user experience.

Compared to its latest foe, the G1, we think it could learn a thing or two, particularly when it comes to caching Web pages, allowing apps to run in the background and opening itself up to developers. It's the iPhone's relatively closed nature that will allow the G1 to take the lead when it comes to apps and that's something Apple has to take note of.

If you like to keep up with the Joneses and you care more about functionality and looks than your bank balance, the iPhone is the one for you. For more information read our Apple iPhone 3G review.

BlackBerry Storm

It's the dark horse on this list, but we think the BlackBerry Storm may be RIM's best phone yet. Boasting a large touchscreen, GPS and HSPDA, the Storm is ready to take on the likes of the iPhone. According to our American counterparts at, the Storm's clickable screen takes some getting used to, but gives the kind of feedback that's often missing from touchscreens.

An updated BlackBerry OS gives it a fresh, finger-friendly feel and a plethora of multimedia options. The 3.5mm headphone jack means the Storm is a more consumer-friendly experience than its business-centric predecessors. It's still a workhorse that can handle email very well, though, and that's something many business users will take into account.

If Windows Mobile lacks the media options and ease of use you associate with the iPhone, but you need a competent email experience, the Storm could be for you. For more infomation read our BlackBerry Storm preview.