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T-Mobile G-Slate review: To 3D or not to 3D?

The T-Mobile G-Slate is the second Honeycomb-based tablet, but can it match the Xoom?

The T-Mobile G-Slate sort of resembles a smaller Xoom. Josh P. Miller/CNET

I love the Honeycomb OS. It's not perfect by any stretch, but it's such an improvement over using Android 2.2 on tablets, that I'm willing to accept it and all its imperfections. I'm sure at some point I'll grow dissatisfied with it and begin blaming it for every inadequacy in my life.

You have to understand, before Honeycomb, testing tablets using the Android 2.2 OS increased chances of apoplexy by 89 percent. Really.

OK, that's not actually true, but on many tablets, it was a very frustrating experience.

The T-Mobile G-Slate by LG is only the second tablet to run Honeycomb. It runs the Google Experience version of Honeycomb, that is, Honeycomb without any customizations to its interface.

Tablets with a customized Honeycomb interface will show up soon enough. It's a day I don't look forward to, for I fear it will diminish the simple elegance of the base OS and as a result, drive me completely mad (Editors' note: Too late.). We'll have to wait and see, though.

The G-Slate is also the first Honeycomb tablet to feature 4G support as well as a 3D camera. I think the biggest challenge for Honeycomb tablet vendors will be persuading consumers that they should buy their Honeycomb tablets over that other guys'. The 3D and 4G features are T-Mobile's approach.

So, does 3D on a tablet make an impressive debut or is it a gimmicky failure? Check out the full review to find out.

The T-Mobile G-Slate will be available April 20.