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T-Mobile customers to get Google Music freebies

T-Mobile will be offering free music content and carrier billing support as part of its deal with Google. It's not a one-time deal either, as subscribers will get new content each week through the end of the year.

For once, T-Mobile USA got to be a part of a major technology announcement.

An Android smartphone running Google Music. T-Mobile

T-Mobile got to stand alongside Google as the search giant officially unveiled its music service. For its part, T-Mobile will be offering free music content to its subscribers, as well as carrier-billing support.

For T-Mobile, the partnership gives the carrier an inside track into the new cloud music service, which directly targets Apple's iTunes. T-Mobile, the only national carrier without Apple's iPhone, could use the advantage and a little buzz as it struggles to preserve its customer base.

"We believe Google Music will completely change the experience--allowing customers to not only discover and buy music in a new way, but also share their favorite tracks with friends on Google+," Andrew Sherrard, senior vice president of marketing for T-Mobile, said in a blog posting.

T-Mobile said customers with an Android phone running version 2.2 or later will get free exclusive content from a range of artists including Drake, Maroon 5, and Busta Ryhmes. Customers will get new free content each week through the end of the year.

T-Mobile customers, meanwhile, can buy music on their Android phone and have the purchase show up on their monthly cellphone bill.

The wireless industry has been attempting to wed music to cellphones, with the iPhone coming the closest through its integration of iTunes and iPod capabilities. More recently, HTC is packing Beats headphones with its Rezound smartphone for Verizon Wireless, while Nokia is looking to pack a comprehensive music service with its Lumia Windows Phone devices.