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T-Mobile brings back free pizza promotion, this time with Papa John's

Starting on Valentine's Day, T-Mobile customers will be eligible to claim a free pizza from Papa John's on one Tuesday during the following month.

The free pizza offer begins February 14. Er, thanks, DJ Khaled?


T-Mobile's free pizza promotion is back, but instead of Domino's, it's partnering with Papa John's for its latest "pizza party."

Here's the deal: Starting on Valentine's Day (February 14), on one Tuesday during the following four weeks, T-Mobile customers can claim their free large or pan, single-topping pizza by logging into the T-Mobile app each week (on each line of their accounts) and checking whether their free pizza is available for pick-up at Papa John's. You have a week to order online and redeem the free pizza.

In addition, every Tuesday for those four weeks, T-Mobile customers will get 25 percent off any regular menu online orders from Papa John's.

Last summer, T-Mobile ran a similar promotion with Domino's, but there were problems. T-Mobile's app crashed on launch day and then the pizza chain was overwhelmed and backed out of the promotion. T-Mobile will hope things go more smoothly this time around.

Here's a link to T-Mobile's full press release.