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T-Mobile awarded number one customer service ranking

T-Mobile awarded number one customer service ranking

For the third year in a row, including a 2005 tie, T-Mobile ranked number one in overall customer satisfaction among wireless carriers, according to J.D. Power and Associates. The country's smallest major service provider ranked highest in all customer-satisfaction categories, including sales staff, store display, store facility, and price/promotion. Verizon Wireless fell into the number two spot, followed by Sprint Nextel and Alltel. Cingular Wireless brought up the rear. T-Mobile was a winner in call quality as well; the J.D. Power study said the company had the best call quality in the West and Southwest regions and tied in the Northeast region.

So what's the secret behind T-Mobile's success? Is it German efficiency, or could it be the influence of Catherine Zeta-Jones? Let me know if you agree with the study.