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T-Mobile announces limited-time savings on international calls

The carrier serves up two options for customers looking to save on international phone calls to dozens of countries.

T-Mobile makes it even cheaper to call Nana back home in Italy. T-Mobile

T-Mobile, perhaps getting a jump start on holiday deals, announced Wednesday a pair of options for customers who make calls to international countries.

Effective immediately, Simple Choice subscribers can add unlimited international landline calls for $5 per month. The promotion, which runs through the end of the year, covers roughly 70 countries as part of the Stateside International Talk plan. This is a flat $5 for the whole account and not a per-line fee.

Alternately, customers can choose a $10 add-on which throws in unlimited mobile-to-mobile calls to over 30 countries. As part of the deal, T-Mobile will give each line 1,000 minutes for mobile-to-mobile calls to Mexico.

Those who sign up for the low-cost bundles will be grandfathered into the Stateside International Talk plan for as long as it remains on their account.