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T-Mobile and RIM announce BlackBerry 8700g

T-Mobile and RIM announce BlackBerry 8700g

Ever since the Research in Motion-vs.-NTP battle escalated, we haven't heard too much from RIM in terms of product announcements--that is, until now. Today, T-Mobile introduced the RIM BlackBerry 8700g. Much like the BlackBerry 8700c for Cingular, the quad-band 8700g offers a 65,000-color, 320x240-pixel screen, a speakerphone, 64MB of flash memory, and 16MB of SDRAM. Of course, the world phone also supports up to 10 corporate or personal e-mail accounts, Web browsing, and attachment viewing. Pricing has not been determined yet, but the 8700g is expected to be available in late April.