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T-Mobile adds more fuel to the Euro-iPhone rumour bonfire

Another day, another iPhone network rumour. This time it's an alleged screenshot from T-Mobile Germany's Web site -- but is it real?

The Euro-iPhone rumour mill is working harder than a crack squad of Polish strawberry pickers. Today's hot fruit is purportedly a screenshot (pictured) of the T-Mobile Germany product site, featuring the word iPhone at the top of the page. According to The Inquirer "the page was spotted, but quickly downed to remove all traces of the device". T-Mobile gave a swift "no comment".

Earlier this month, the Rheinische Post, a German daily newspaper, reported that T-Mobile Germany had won the rights to sell Apple's hypetastic gadget in Europe. In the same week, hackers found code in the iPhone that contained the word T-Mobile, leading to more speculation that the telecom giant had secured a deal.

If this new screenshot isn't a hoax, it's likely T-Mobile has bagged the Apple deal (and fired some poor Web developer). Of course, what this doesn't confirm is whether or not T-Mobile UK will get the device, so we'll still have to wait to know for certain where to queue up. For more information and speculation on which UK network is most likely to get the iPhone click here -- or you could read our full, in-depth review. -Andrew Lim