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Systinet blows out Blizzard release

Software company's registry suite, now under Mercury Interactive, is enhanced to ease SOA projects.

Systinet on Monday released version 2 of its registry software suite, which the company enhanced to ease management of service-oriented architecture projects. The Cambridge, Mass.-based company is being acquired by Mercury Interactive and will operate as a subsidiary focusing on the SOA software market. Systinet's software provides so-called governance tools to store information about software used by several company departments.

For example, a company could write a business service for checking customer accounts that is used in many applications. The update to Systinet's software, formerly code-named Blizzard, provides a registry for storing information about the service, such as security access rights, expected performance levels and dependencies on other programs, Systinet marketing manager Jake Sorofman explained. In addition, Systinet 2 includes a mechanism to bill individual business departments for the usage of a particular service.