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Synology releases DiskStation Manager 2.3 NAS firmware

Synology releases version 2.3 of its DiskStation Manager firmware for NAS servers, which delivers more features and enhancements.

The new DiskStation Manager 2.3 adds new features and enhancements to Synology NAS servers. Screenshot by Dong Ngo/CNET

If you have owned an NAS server from Synology, such as the DiskStation DS710+, DS209+, or DS409slim, you probably know and appreciate the server's excellent Web interface. That interface is called DiskStation Manager, and it just got even better.

Synology announced Monday another major upgrade to all of its NAS servers via the latest revision of the DiskStation Manager, version 2.3. This new update adds a long list of new features and enhancements including:

  • Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR): Synology's proprietary RAID setup allows users to add new hard drives, or replace the existing ones. Synology claims that SHR is able to automatically optimize the server's storage even when hard disks of different capacities are used.
  • Cloud backup: New version of the firmware now comes with a built-in utility that's linked to the Amazon S3 service. Users with an Amazon S3 account can make the NAS server back up data to the off-site backup service by itself.
  • Support for AES 256-bit encryption for shared folders: This new feature ensures data security in case of theft or loss.
  • Surveillance Station on the iPhone: Coupled with a free iPhone application called DS Cam, customers who use Surveillance Station on the NAS server now can view live and recorded images of their IP cameras with the iPhone, over the local network or the Internet.
  • Easy access to NAS server from Internet: The new firmware comes with a new wizard that makes setting up a remote connection to the NAS server more transparent to users, making it it possible to do for users with limited networking know-how.

Other than that, the new DSM 2.3 also includes a few additional features and enhancements such as a customizable management user interface, Audio and Photo Stations improvements, wake on LAN capability, a new Data Replicator 3 backup application with support for Windows 7, and a new and updated File Station 3.

The update is about 120MB in size and can be downloaded here. It takes about 15 minutes to upgrade the firmware. Make sure you back up important data stored on the NAS server prior to updating it.