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Synology launches DSM 4.2 beta at CES 2013

Synology announces at CES 2013 the beta of the next upgrade to its advanced and robust operating system for NAS server, the DSM (DiskStation Manager) version 4.2.

DSM 4.2 adds a slew of improvements to Synology's already excellent NAS servers.
DSM 4.2 adds a slew of improvements to Synology's already excellent NAS servers. Synology

LAS VEGAS--When it comes to network attached storage (NAS), Synology's DiskStation Manager (DSM) operating system has been as good as it gets. Well, it's about to get even better.

At CES 2013 today, Synology announced and demonstrated the public beta of DSM 4.2.

This is a major upgrade from DSM 4.1 that brings improvements for both home and business users at no additional cost. Since DSM has a vast amount of features, the list of improvements is accordingly long. However, some of the major new or improved features include the following:

  • The Quick Connect features now supports DS audio, DS photo+, and the new DS cloud apps for remote access without the need to configure the router. This makes setting up the server much easier for novices.
  • DSM offers a Web interface that resembles a native GUI of an operating system, both in terms of look and functionality.
    DSM offers a Web interface that resembles a native GUI of an Linux distribution, both in terms of look and functionality. Synology

  • A mobile app called DS cloud is now available for iOS users to sync files from their mobile device, the way Dropbox works.
  • The server's Package Center is now revamped to organize applications better. Applications are add-in programs that users can install (or remove) from the server to add more functions and features to it.
  • The Cloud Station is now upgraded to version 2 and allows for nearly unlimited synced accounts and folders. The size limit of syncable files is also increased to 10GB (up from 5GB). This limit is just for individual files; you can sync an unlimited amount of data.
  • The DS video app, which plays back videos stored on the server, is now available for iOS, Android, and Windows phones, and offers support for MKV subtitles.
  • The DS photo+ app can now be set to automatically sync photos from iOS devices.
  • Video Station's new player allows streaming video to a browser without the need for browser plug-ins
  • Audio Station now supports streaming to Bluetooth speakers

In addition, for business users, DSM 4.2 also includes Synology High Availability (SHA) features for all x86-based models (not just select few), allowing even smaller businesses to minimize the risk of downtime. DSM 4.2 now provides support for Amazon's Glacier service among its other cloud backup options.

Like the previous update, DSM 4.2 beta is available via download and manual upgrade. When the final version is available, which is in a month or so, users can choose to upgrade to it automatically from within the existing DSM's user interface.