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Synology five-bay NAS server gets more power and USB 3.0

Synology announces the availability of the DS1512+, the successor to the award-winning DS1511+ that supports USB 3.0, has passive cooling, replaceable ventilation fans, and faster performance.

The new DiskStation DS1512+ NAS server from Synology.
The new DiskStation DS1512+ NAS server from Synology. Synology

The top-notch NAS server DS1511+ that won CNET's Editors' Choice award has just probably become top-notch no more. But that's good news.

Synology announced today the brand-new successor, the DS1512+ NAS server, which shares the same five-bay design as the DS1511+ as well as most of the features. On top of that the new server now supports USB 3.0 and has a faster processor to promise the performance of up to 192MBps write and 194MBps read.

Similar to its predecessor, the new DS1512+ can natively host five SATA hard drives to offer up to 20TB of storage space. It can also work with two DX510 expansion modules to offer up to 60GB of capacity before you need to resort to its USB ports.

Synology says the new server is compatible with VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Citrix Xen, to make an economical solution for virtual network applications. On top of that, it's designed to help users minimize downtime by offering user-replaceable redundant ventilation fans that can be replaced without turning the server off. It also comes with a passive cooling solution for the CPU to help prevent the single point of failure.

To find out what the DS1512+ has to offer, which is a lot, for now you can check out the full review of the DS1511+, since the two offer the same set of features. Here are the highlights:

  • Time Backup package allows for point-in-time backups
  • ADS support for domains up to 100,000 users and groups
  • ACL support for granular, NTFS-style, file-level permissions
  • LDAP support as client or server
  • Comprehensive iSCSI support
  • Comprehensive and powerful Surveillance, Photo, Download, File, and Cloud Stations that help users get the most out of a network storage device.

The new DS1512+ NAS server is available now for $799 (hard drive not included).