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Symbian OS v9.5 debuts; more performance, lower hardware cost

Symbian release version 9.5 of the Symbian operating system at CTIA 2007.

Symbian Symbian

Symbian chose CTIA 2007 as its stage to unveil the latest version of its smart phone operating system, Symbian OS v9.5. The revamped OS brings a number of improvements to e-mail, multimedia, and performance. Notable enhancements include Exchange ActiveSync integration, automatic RAM defragmentation, 35 new camera features, and more support for GPS and location-based services. Symbian also claims that v9.5 will reduce battery, processor, and memory consumption, making it a more affordable solution and allowing more handset manufacturers to use the OS in midrange devices and not just high-end smart phones. Version 9.5 won't be available till later this year, and then it'll be up to the phone manufacturers to offer upgrades to current Symbian device owners. Also of importance, Symbian v9.5 will be backward compatible with all versions of Symbian OS 9. For more information, check out CNET