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Symantec support woes

In response to the Perspectives column written by Charles Cooper, "Why does PC support stink? Ask Symantec":

I had a similar experience with Symantec. When they picked up, they immediately said, "What credit card are you using?" I tried to say I was looking for their corporate number--click. Tried right back, same thing. Click! This happened three more times, but they must have had caller ID and so they would pick up, say nothing and--click.

Finally, I got through to corporate on my own. Guess what? When I updated my Norton, they sold me a version that soon (a few months later) they'd no longer offer support for. Now I had an outdated version and they wouldn't refund my money, nor upgrade me for free...Needless to say, I worked the quirk out on my system, and vowed never to use Symantec again.

Your story just hit me, because I remember my own awful experience with them. I remember saying to my husband afterwards, "I've never had such poor service from a company." Thanks for writing about yours.

Jeanne Rebillard
Rebillard Public Relations
Amenia, N.Y.